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It’s A Bird…

…It’s a Plane…

…It’s Oakland Movers!

(Professional, Quick, and Courteous)

With 25+ years experience and a local staff of Clark Kent’s dedicated to protecting your equipment as if their life depended on it, we are a certified 5-star professional moving company with ONE goal in mind:

We Make Your Move SO…DARN…EASY! 

So why choose Oakland Movers over our competition such as *ahem* 2 Men and a Truck *ahem*?

Other than having defeated our arch-nemesis Lex Luther and Kryptonite…

Other cities we serve regularly include the following surrounding the Bay City area: 

Oakland, Palo Alto, San Mateo, Oakland, Berkeley, Santa Cruz, Dale City, Santa Rosa, Bakersfield, Los Angeles, Anaheim, Long Beach, San Diego, Las Vegas – Nevada, Irvine, Napa Valley, Santa Maria, Monterey, and many, many more!


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We’ve moved 10 times in recent years and dealt with a number of moving companies and find Bay City’s Two Men & A Truck to be one of the finest moving companies that we’ve dealt with. Jayne M. - Bay City

The men went above and beyond to make the move as stress free as possible! Karen M.

They were early, worked hard and very carefully, and I never worried that they were going to break or steal anything. Great work! Collin B.

Residential Transportation Services

Here’s a quick rundown of our unique process from start-to-finish while handling your possessions: 

  1. Pack It! – We pack all kinds of items; regardless how ‘weird’, ‘odd’, or downright ‘strange’ you think it may be. If only we could all pack our bags and head to the moon – now THAT would be a the moving job of the century!
  2. Load It! –  ‘Running up the clock’ is a common practice in this industry to squeeze every dollar. As for us, our model is to “Load n’ Go”.
  3. Transport It! – Why bother driving long distances with a bunch of items crowding your space when you can have a team of professionals do so on your behalf?
  4. Unload It – Once our team arrives at it’s destination, simply point out where you want your belongings unpacked.

Looks simple on paper, but in practice, it’s incredibly labor intensive. That’s why we nickname our guys, “The Clark Kent’s of Bay City” who load and unload your items.

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Oakland Movers Is The Name…Transporting Is Our Game

We are a family-owned small business with a passion to make your move as stress-free as humanly possible. We take what we do on a daily basis highly seriously leaving nothing to chance.

It is our MISSION to comfort you throughout the moving process and make it so seamless you will forget you were moving at all!

Let’s face it. Moving is tough business. It’s a pain in the ‘you-know-the-what’. But that’s why we’re here for you to ease your burden and relieve your stress. Why carry all that ‘weight’ on your shoulders (pun intended) when you have US, the “Super-fessionals” to do job on your behalf?

But hurry. We book our shipping days FAST. No Job To Big, No Job To Small, We’re THE Oakland Movers, Give Us A Call!  Fill in your details in the contact form located on this page and one of our representatives will get back with you at your earliest convenience:

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